2xl430-w250-t/AX-12 servos

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To whom it may concern how can I get the sensors to work with the cm530 controller please let me know thank you.

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Hello @Jerseylance1

  • Please fill the form of questions when you raise your question.

  • The posting title does not be corresponding to the content of your question (2XL430-W250-T/AX-12 vs CM-530 Sensor utilization) . Hoping that you can clarify what you are looking for.

  • For the sensor programming in R+ Task, go to R+Task 3.0 - Sensor

  • CM-530 does not support 2XL430-W250 due to the communication protocol differences.

  • Use OLLO ports to read sensor values. More details, see External 5-Pin Ports


    1. OUT : 3.3V- Torque Possible (Maximum Allowed Current 0.3A)
    2. VDD (5V)
    3. ADC : The analog signals from the sensor made by the user can be read.
    4. GND
    5. OUT2 : 3.3V- Torque Possible (Maximum Allowed Current 0.3A)

If you prefer to use TASK 2, here is the link to similar information that @Yogurt_Man already gave you but for TASK 2 and using standard ROBOTIS sensors such as IR, Touch sensors:

If you scroll down, you can see a section for using TASK 2 with your own designed sensor.

This next link also shows how to design (voltage wise and pin wise) your own sensor.

Unfortunately, I never had the need to design my own sensor for the CM-530, so I do not have any direct knowledge to share.

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