About the Other Hardware category

Support, reccomendations, & troubleshooting for non ROBOTIS hardware needed to assemble DYNAMIXEL Systems, including batteries and other components.

To help our community best answer your questions, do your best to include the following information when creating a new post.

  1. State the ROBOTIS product, model of servo, or DYNAMIXEL System, you are using.
  2. Add (or create) Tags to your post with the specific model of your product.
  3. Describe your control environment. This includes the controller or interface, computer and OS, and any power source you are using
  4. Specify the operating mode you are using, for applicable models.
  5. Include pictures if possible. This can help our members see how wires are connected, how hardware is installed, or to identify other possible issues.
  6. Remember to mark your post Solved when applicable!
  7. Do not Spam. Multiple similar topics by the same user will be reviewed and removed by Staff if necessary.
  8. Be aware that posts regarding sensitive details (intellectual property) of hardware or software may be removed and referred to appropriate contacts.
  9. Follow our Community Guidelines at all times.
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