Always getting the same response from XL320 servo


I am sending data to the dynamixel servo with protocol2.0 properly. And I seem to be getting a reasonable response, but it’s always the same response no matter what I send to the servo.

Data in bytes:
byte1: 0xff
byte2: 0xff
byte3: 0xfd
byte4: 0x00
byte5: 0x01
byte6: 0x04
byte7: 0x00
byte8: 0x55
byte9: 0x87
byte10: 0xb3
byte11: 0x0f

I am not sure what the 0x87 represents in this circumstance. It is not an error code.

Another thing I would like to understand is how many params I should be using? As it doesn’t seem defined in the datasheet anywhere.


Problem solved. I did the ping command and it said there was a hardware error. Voltage was too low.

Hi @Hussell

The 8th byte of the status packet represents the error status.
It seems you are trying an illegal access to the control table(0x07).
Also, the Bit 7(0x80) has been flagged which means you have a hardware error

Bit Item Description
Bit 3~7 - -
Bit 2 Input Voltage Error Voltage is out of operational voatage range
Bit 1 OverHeating Error Temperature is out of operational temperature range
Bit 0 Overload Error Motor cannot output max load due to load being applied continouosly

Please see below eManual for more details about the error bit of the status packet.