Balancing on Inline Wheels with Gyroscopes (& Dynamixel!)

Hey roboticists!

This project is the sequel / followup to: Active Gyroscopic Balancing with DYNAMIXEL

I had to share this project because it’s an incredible example of gyroscopic stabilization implemented in a home project- YouTuber James Bruton has shared his latest video based on the Gyroscopic Balancing system created in the video linked above- this time it’s using an exapanded gyro system to compensate and keep an inline, two-wheeled robot upright!

While inverted pendulum robots are a common project, this one takes it yet another step further by offsetting the wheels and removing any stable axis- the “scooter” style wheels in this video don’t naturally rest at a balanced point, so it’s even more impressive to see the robot assume such a stable upright position. I can’t wait to see more projects implement these types of systems!

Let us know what you think!

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