Battery for dynamixel

I am creating a robotic arm with 1 mx64AT.
Could you provide me a link where I can find a wearable battery for my mx64at? I am using it at 12 V and during its work, it can draw more or less current. I would like to have an autonomy of at least half hour and it has to be no big.
Thank you for any reply.

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Hello, @DjangoTango

To select the proper battery spec according to your requirement hour, you need to check capacity of battery. The higher number, the longer a motor can run. For instance, 1800mA capacity is equal to 1.8 Amp per hour, which means you can run 1.8A in an hour with this battery.

Generally, DYNAMIXEL should work at ~20% of Stall Torque. With a brief calculation applying (theoretically), the MX-64’s 20% stall torque is ~1.2 N.m that is corresponding to 1.1 to 1.2A according to N-T Graph of e-Manual. Therefore, recommended battery capacity should be above 1200 mA. (This is only ideal equation. Only take my words as reference). Considering your circuit drawing current, and other components, number should be higher.

ROBOTIS provides Lipo battery with different specs. See

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Thank you so much for the explanation @Yogurt_Man