Bracket Materials

I develop a custom humanoid robot with ax-mx servos but my problem is the bracket not strong enough, Anyone know what bracket material use in robotis or any suggestions for materials to use in humanoid robot?

ROBOTIS has the GP using Aluminum frames but I don’t know if they would sell you just the frame parts. It is based on AX-12 and AX-18 actuators. And it is expensive!

The Engineer kits come with 3-D files for the frames used in that kit for 2XL-430 and XL-430 servos, may be you can modify them for your needs and 3-D print order on your own?

The 3-D CAD files are here

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Hi, thanks for ur answers, but did u know what kind or what type of almunium that use in the bracket?

For that type of information, I need to refer you to @Jonathon.

@roboteer @Dot.RoseMery

Unfortunately, I am unable to disclose the specific variety of aluminum used for our components.