Broken openCR bored

Through an unfortunate set of events, the usb port on my openCR bored has gotten ripped off of the bored. I was wondering if anybody had any good ideas as to how to circumvent the usb port or if I’m out of luck.

If it were me, I would probably first try asking on the Robotis Forum: ROBOTIS

They might suggest doing an RMA or they might have some other suggestions.

If you are really good at soldering, you might be able to setup a new external USB connector, by finding some other locations where these signals run. You can find some of this by looking at the schematic and layout documents, which you can look at from the emanual: OpenCR 1.0

For example you might be able to tie into where I believe the vias are that take the signals from the USB connector to U16 which I believe is on the bottom. Or you might be able to tie into R48, R49 pads for the signals, as well as F1 for VBUS, R47 for ID…

But that might be above my comfort level for soldering… But if that was my only choice, that is probably what I would try. But again I would first ask up on Robotis forum

Good luck.