Can I current limit Dynamixel XM540 while in Velocity Mode?

Hello All,

We have a project utilising Dynamixel XM540-270W-R motors. We are heavily constrained by the power supply for the system, and therefore need to limit the current draw of these motors to prevent damage. The maximum current we can draw is 2.5A.

I understand that current can be limited while in Current Control or Current-Position Control modes, but we require the Dynamixel to operate in Velocity control mode.

Is it possible to limit the maximum current draw of a Dynamixel while in Velocity Control mode?

Kind Regards,

Leon M

By limiting the current draw in Velocity Control mode, are you trying to limit the MAX RPM that the DXL can rotate at? If that is the case, you can try to adjust Velocity Limit at Address 44

Hello Leon,

Current Control Mode is actually a velocity based mode as well, the DYNAMIXEL will rotate endlessly at an output speed defined by the goal current.

Depending on the requirements of your robotic system, the simplest way to implement current limited wheeled motion may be to simply switch over to Current Control Mode and set your desired driving speeds based on the desired current consumption.