Changing the PD PI gain during motor movement

Im using Dynamixel PH54-200. It’s connected with U2D2 so I can control it with a laptop. Im using the ros wrapper, dynamixel_sdk and dynamixel_workbench packages to control the motors.
My questions are:
(1) Can I change the PI and the PD gain of the motor while the motor is moving?
(2) I am not sure how to change the velocity of the the motors while it is moving. Can somebody point me to an example (if any) that is available out there? All of the example only use position control.


Hi @hafizIman

Changing gains and velocity / acceleration is available even when the torque is turned on, however, in order to make these changes effective, you should send another Goal Position.
Thank you.

Thanks so much Wilson. I will try that. I’m still sifting through the SDK.