Control of BIOLOID based on Floor Projection of Center of Mass for Ascending Stairs

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Biped robots are supposed to walk like humans. Ability of stepping over obstacle or
climbing stairs makes legged robot interesting and useful. So an effective method is needed for this. The Human like walking is a combination of both statically and dynamically stable gait and depends on some degrees of static stability provided by large feet and by precisely control of Floor Projection of Center of Mass (FCoM). In this paper we present an approach for such method for climbing stairs based on FCoM. The movements and positions of Center of Mass (CoM) is identified by using Denavit Hartenberg algorithm.

Keywords: BIOLOID, Humanoid, Floor Projection of Center of Mass, Stairs Climbing, DH Algorithm.

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All credit goes to Abhinay Jiwankar, Faraz Deshmukh, Prasanna Sagdeo, and Vipin Meshram of the Department of Electrical Engineering,Veermata Jijabai Technological Institute Mumbai