Dr-R plays mirror with kid

I have a proof on concept of getting the Dr-R to mirror the motions on a person using computer vision. see video here https://fb.watch/7hZTBa2h2n/
link to code running on PC here Dropbox - Play_mirror.py - Simplify your life


Hi @Out_of_the_BOTS, thanks so much for sharing this fantastic post! Is this using the pose estimation from your other post? Does this run on the onboard smartphone or another device?

It’s great to see the Dr. R mimicing the motions so smoothly!

It came about after I started to read @roboteer book that explained the CM-550 manger mode that just connects all the ports (dynamixel ports, OLLO ports, UART, USB and Bluethooth) on the CM-550 into 1 big continuous bus that can be controlled by an external master controller.

In the above post there isn’t any code running on the CM-550 at all. All code runs on my PC including both the code to do the computer vision pose estimation and the code to set the servo goal positions. Code is here Dropbox - Play_mirror.py - Simplify your life