Dynamixel connection to Raspberry pi

What is the most effective physical connection between the motor and Raspberry?
Is it fine to connect the motor to U2D2 powerhub and connect the U2D2 to Raspberry?

Or there is a better way?

Hi @Syntaursus, thanks for your question. The U2D2 USB-serial converter and the U2D2 Power Hub board can be connected to essentially any USB port for communication with DYNAMIXELs. In the same way, it should be perfectly viable to operate DYNAMIXELs using the U2D2 via the Raspberry Pi USB port.

Have you had the chance to watch the Raspberry Pi Quick Start video I linked in an earlier answer? It shows how U2D2 and U2D2 Power Hub can be used with Raspberry Pi. I’ve reattached the link above for your reference.

As far as a better way, is there a specific criteria/issue with the U2D2 you are looking for to be improved?
Let me know if you have any other questions!