Dynamixel MX106 protocol update using U2D2 on Wizard 2.0

I am unable to upgrade the firmware of a protocol 1.0 (MX106) Dynamixel to protocol 2.0 using u2d2 on Wizard 2.0 software. The pop up screen shows nothing after turning on the power.

A few months ago I was able to update the firmware as usual. However, as for test, I have tried with MX28 (1.0) and it upgraded to protocol 2.0. In addition I have also performed self diagnosis for MX106 and everything is okay there. Moreover, I have also followed the DYNAMIXEL Self Check steps DYNAMIXEL | ROBOTIS where I found the step 4 is the issue.

It would be highly appreciated for any kind of help or suggestions. thank you in advance


Assuming your U2D2 and a cable is okay to be used. it seems that a communication chip in the DYNAMIXEL has been damaged. You should send it to ROBOTIS and proceed repair service. (If you have old version of MX series, there is a diaode in the DYNAMIXEL which could result comm failure)

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Yes the U2D2 and the cable is okay, there should be the issues which you have mentioned. I do contact to the Robotis and let them know this problem. thank you and I will update here later.

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