Firmware cannot update on one of five XM540-W150R actuators


  • Dynamixel XM540-W150R actuator,
  • powered by +12v via SMPS2Dynamixel
  • connected via 4-wire cable to U2D2
  • U2D2 is connected via USB to a PC running Dynamixel Wizard 2.0,

One of five actuators cannot successfully complete the firmware flashing process from V45 to V46.

I have experience successfully updating these motors previously. Today, am trying to update them to the latest V46 version. Four motors updated successfully (they were previously using V44) but one actuator is running firmware V45 and cannot complete any update process. It does not even respond to the “recovery” flashing method.

  • The actuator is connected to Wizard 2.0 at 57600bps and works normally, except for the firmware update.
  • The actuator has been “Factory Reset” through the Wizard 2.0 interface.
  • The “Update” workflow results in the U2D2’s blue and green lights rapidly flashing and nothing happens. The progress bar stays at 0% forever. (Typically, during a successful update of other motors, the U2D2 light will turn solid green while the progress bar completes.)
  • If “Update All” is chosen, the Firmware Management “progress” column displays “Ready…” while the U2D2 green and blue lights rapidly flash. Nothing else happens.
  • If “Recovery” workflow is chosen, nothing happens after the motor power is toggled off/on.