How to change profile velocity Dynamixel SDK C++

I am using MX-64. Visual studio, c++.
I am using SDK.
what is the example to change profile velocity in C++ ?
the default velocity is super high, very dangerous to test.
could I change default velocity?


Which DXL protocol (1 or 2) are you using?

Hi, I am using protocol 2

Although, I have only used XL-430/330 so far, I had found Parameter Velocity Limit at Address 44 handy in providing an Upper Limit to what I can set the Goal Velocity of my DXL (which is set in Velocity Control mode).

Is this feature what you are looking for?

OR, if you are using Position Control mode, others had found that if you reduced the Value for the Velocity P gain parameter (Address 78), and/or Goal PWM Parameter at Addr 100, your DXL would rotate slower as it goes to its Goal Position.

More details at this post