Ichiro TeenSize Team Description Paper 2019

Ichiro_HL-Teen_RC2019_TDP.pdf (513.4 KB)


This paper describes the Ichiro RoboCup Humanoid League team Ichiro TeenSize from the Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember Surabaya, Indo-nesia. We made this paper to fulfill the prerequisites for participation in Robocup 2019 which will be held in Sydney, Australia. This paper presents a brief over-view of our existing software and hardware of our robots that will be used in the competition. Especially in terms of developing mechanics, electronics, coopera-tion between robots, as well as improving the vision system for our robots.

All credit goes to: Muhtadin, Sulaiman Ali, Muhammad Reza Arrazi, Tommy Pratama, Dhany Satrio Wicaksono, Ahmad Hernando Pradanatta Putra, I Made Pande Ari, Alfi Maulana, Oktaviansyah Purwo Bramastyo, Syifaul Qolby Asshakina, Dzulfikar Ats Tsauri, Arsy Huda Fathaniard, Sinta Devi Listianah, Muhammad Attamimi, Muhammad Arifin