Making Huge manipulator with XL430(Added STL Files)

Hi all.
I keep making a module for Huge manipulator.
I use only XL430 Dynamixel. without Oil (not yet)
Only 3d printing …

I will change it next time, Oil , Bearing… and so on.
You can see the multi-turn feature in this video. that is really awesome function.

enjoy it.

Huge Manipulator with XL430(multi-turn function)

etc… ) Unfortunately… I can share this file in here. so I Upload this file in my blog.(sorry you may see only Korean alphabet there)
STL Files - planetary gear(private blog)

[ ] => STL Files on


can you please share STL files?

Why not? I uploaded those files on Thingiverse.

Check it => STL Files on

thanks and good luck to you.