mini darwin robot connection

When we connect the robot through the mobile application using Bluetooth, the application connects unstable and when we try to make any movement it does not do it. The only thing that it allows to do is to try the functioning of the robot engines. Additionally, when we connect from the PC through Bluetooth, the connection is lost and it gives an input and output port. Also, when we try to connect through ROBOPLUS it shows that the port is in use.
Finally, we tried to connect the robot through a USB cable but it does not recognize the COM ports either and it does not allow to upload any other program. Consequently, it shows a warning message that the robot is not connected and that the connection must be checked.

You have several issues at the same time, so I am trying to sort out which issue to solve first.

In general with one ROBOTIS MINI robot, you can use only ONE App (whether PC or Mobile) to connect to it at one time.

Which BT module are you using on the MINI robot (BT-210/BT-410), and which BT device are you using on the PC side to connect to it?

You may want to read up on the free Kindle sample of my MINI book at this link

to get ourselves situated on a common knowledge base so that I can help you further. Especially section 1.1.4.