Motor stop and rx tx stop


MX-64 protocol 2.0 in current_base_control mode

Dynamixel wizard 2.0 test

Issue Description

I want to test how big of MX_64 torque is, I used current_base_mode
when I hold the rotating flange of the motor to stop it moving to target pos.
the motor suddenly stopped, and I cannot turn on the torque of the motor again,
also I found rx and tx stop

what is the reason the motor is stopped ? and seem motor disable?

thanks a lot!!



When a DYNAMIXEL is obstructed, it enters Shutdown mode in order to prevent any damage to it’s internal components and will not reenable torque until it has been reset.

Information on the torque output values of the MX64 can be found by referring to the performance graph available on it’s eManual page.

Hi, Jonathon

thanks for your replay.

Any other methods to reset the motor except power on and off?



DYNAMIXEL Protocol 2.0 contains a Reboot instruction that can reset the servo without requiring power to be turned off and back on.

thanks Jonathon,
it works.