Program (source code) example for dynamixel SDK, U2D2, and AX-12A?


maybe someone else is working with the dynamixel SDK, the U2D2 USB adaptor and the AX-12A servo.
I’d like to have the source of a known-to-be-working program for this combination. It does not matter what functionality is implemented, it is just that i can see any reaction of the AX-12A.
I tried to get the AX-12A working, but without any success. So having a program which is working for sure could exclude errors which may present in my setup.
So I appreciate such a code, posted either here or sent per email to


Hi @oxensepp
Although it is a super late reply, this might be a useful information for you.
If you are trying to run AX-12A on your PC via U2D2 + DYNAMIXEL SDK, install DYNAMIXEL SDK first then run the code below.

However, you need to modify one definition below which is out of range for AX series.

#define DXL_MAXIMUM_POSITION_VALUE      4000  // change this from 4000 to 1023

This should allow you to run AX-12A with default factory firmware.