Python Editor in TASK V.3.1.7 still does not report syntax error properly

@Andrew @Yogurt_Man
I just updated to TASK V.3.1.7 and noticed that the old issue (way back from 3.1.5) has not been fixed. Essentially, when there is an error (like syntax error) in the MicroPython code, V.3.1.7 just reported “Compile Error” but does not report the error type or the corresponding statement number, so that is not very helpful to the programmer.
Right now, I have to compile my code first with the old V.3.1.3 version to “see” my possible syntax errors, then use V.3.1.7 for the final download. Please see picture below - V.3.1.3 on the left & V.3.1.7 on the right:

Please help resolve this issue and please check for proper “runtime” error reporting also. It will be much appreciated.

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Hello @roboteer

The sw engineer might have missed to develop the syntax error printing function at this time.

I has reminded him to develop for the next update (after 3.1.7).

Thank you for your suggestion again,