READ Before Posting in the Featured Products category

Hello and thank you for checking these guidelines for our Featured Products category

While posting here, keep the following in mind:

  1. Try to post relevant subjects here- for the most part, any robot, kit, hardware, or other appliance that uses robotic technology and can be purchased can be posted here. Projects, lessons, and similar posts should go into the Projects and Learning category.
  2. Add a link to the product! Give interested members a place to go to purchase or learn more.
  3. Include as much description about the product as you can. Tell the community why it’s cool.
  4. Add pictures! It makes posts a lot more lively.

See? Now this is more interesting. Last, but not least:
5. Our Community welcomes all languages, and offers native translation of pages using Google Translate resources. However, to encourage consistency in our category pages please do your best to write Topic Titles in English, and include the language your post is written in in parentheses ( ).
6. Follow our Community Guidelines at all times when participating
7. If you do follow a project and decide to build your own version, consider making a post here to show other users. It can be a great way to discuss challenges, get feedback, and promote your work!

Thanks to everyone reading this, and enjoy the site. Have any questions? Reach out to myself or our Staff.