Regarding the MX-12W servo motor from the Dynamixel Family

I need to use the MX-12W servo motor for my project purpose, but I can’t seem to find its CAD design anywhere.
Then, after some literature research, I compared it with the design of the AX-12A servo, and I realized that they have the same design.
I just wanted to cross-check myself. Is that true?
Can I replaceably use the AX-12A servo design in the place of the MX-12W servo just for 3D modeling/design purposes? ( I know they have different motor ratings)

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

This is something that Robotis would be better at answering.

I have only played with one of those servos, and as far as I remember it is identical to AX-12, but as you mentioned very much different in motor stuff…

Personally unless you already had the servos and/or other requirement, I would personally probably use some other servo like the xl430-w250…

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Yes, MX-12W and AX-12A have an identical design as seen in the download page below.

Thanks a lot, Will.
Can you maybe share the link for the website you are showing here?

You might take a look at the page:


Sorry, I should’ve mentioned it. The image itself links to the page.