Robot failed to connect

Hi, I’m new to the community and robotics. So sorry if this question is really basic.

I’m using the AX-18A and AX-12A servos on my robot. My robot is a modified Bioloid with CM-530 microcontroller, and it now has 23 servos. I’m programming my robot using R+ Task 3.0 on Windows 10.

The problem is, when I connect the microcontroller to my laptop via mini USB cable, it would disconnect some time later. I managed to do some motion programming to the robot and played it, but after recording few movements, it became disconnected and I couldn’t reconnect to the robot for some time.

It connects and disconnects a lot. I didn’t expect the issue would become very annoying.
Does anyone have any explanation on this? What should I do?

Hi @Infinicus, thanks for your question and welcome to the page! Allow me to make a few initial suggestions regarding what sounds like an unstable connection to the software.

How are you currently powering the robot while it’s connected to the software?

Have you had the chance to try using different USB ports on your computer and / or a different USB cable? If the USB port is loose, or there is an issue with the cable connecting the robot and computer, it may be losing connection.

Based on your responses I can make some additional suggestions.