Robotis-op2 demo mode problem after clonezilla installation

Dear Robotis Concern,

We had some comminication problems with robotis-op2 motors. We could not have use HDMI also.
We separated mSATA from OP2. I reinstalled it by using clonezilla.
Now, we can connect it by using cable, not HDMI. HDMI is not important for me for now. There is no comminication problem with motos also.
However, demo mode does not work. I wonder why demo mode does not work.
We hear a TIK voice but demo mode does not start.

Could you please help me? It is a bit urgent for my PhD student’ thesis application.

Best wishes

More information is needed to determine the problem.
Connect the robot, run the demo manually, and let me know the logs that come out.
How to run the demo manually is in the link below.