Robotis-op2-dxl communication error

Hi, We recovered all motors of robots-op2. Now, we runed firmware update. However it gives a communication error. How can we solve the problem? thanks

Hi @aysegul

Could you elaborate more about “recovered all motors of OP2”?
Did you mean you have performed firmware recovery?
Which software did you use to recover the DYNAMIXEL?

Since you are getting the communication error, you might have recovered DYNAMIXEL with identical ID which will cause communication collision among multiple DYNAMIXEL modules.

Hi Thanks for your answer. I could not have done it. Hence I removed op2’ hard disk. I installed again by using clonizellia. It was ok now. All motors are ok. There is no comminication problem. I can connect to op2 with cable also. However demo mode does not work. Why? Could you please give me advise? Best