[RxPacketError] Hardware error occurred. Check the error at Control Table (Hardware Error Status)!



Control Environment

OpenCR1.0 and RPI4

Hardware Description

Turtlebot3 system using XL-430 motors

Issue Description

Running from A/C adapter worked fine. Running on battery was intermittent until complete failure.
Uploading turtlebot3_setup_motor and running produced the error message

[RxPacketError] Hardware error occurred. Check the error at Control Table (Hardware Error Status)!

Additional Information/Attachments

My Turtlebot3 system is custom built from individually purchased and printed parts. I’m a hobbyist but mostly software expertise. The motors and battery are different.

I hope I didn’t break anything but I can’t get Dynamixel Wizard to recognize my motors on Windows or Linux so I’m fumbling around in the dark. We do that.

Hi @GreyHobbyist1

First of all, make sure that your battery supplies recommended voltage for XL-430 which runs off of 11.1V (12.0V is okay, but 11.1 is ideal for guaranteed lifespan and performance).
Usually 3S Li-Io or Li-Po batteries supply nominal 11.1V.

When uploading the turtlebot3_setup_motor to the OpenCR to setup the DYNAMIXEL XL-430, make sure to connect only one module to the OpenCR at a time or else communication will fail.

In order to use DYNAMIXEL Wizard 2.0 to configure or test your DYNAMIXEL, you should upload the usb_to_dxl example from Arduino IDE > File > Examples > OpenCR > 10. Etc > usb_to_dxl

Each upload will erase previously uploaded sketch so make sure that you are running a correct sketch(or example).

Once you have uploaded the usb_to_dxl to the OpenCR, connect power and DYNAMIXEL and use DYNAMIXEL Wizard 2.0 to search the connected DYNAMIXEL.

I recommend connecting one DYNAMIXEL at a time until your DYNAMIXEL is correctly configured with different IDs.

Thank you so much. Both of my servos report hardware error indicating input voltage error. The voltage in it’s little table reports 15.0V. My connector measures 11.9V. I reboot the dynamixel to clear the bit and it comes right back. Have I damaged my servo with a voltage spike?