Self tapping screw hole reusability


On the XL330 series or similar with self tapping screw holes, how many times can you assemble / disassemble before the screw hole becomes unusable (or too loose to maintain mechanical rigidity)?
I assume one time, to be sure.

And is there a maximum torque that should not be exceeded when fastening the self taping screws?

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In my experience, you can actually get quite a few assembly/disassembly operations out of the threads before they lose too much rigidity. I’ve gotten 10+ reassembly operations for horn attachments on a few individual XC330s when properly attached.

In my personal experience, the most important thing is to ensure that the mounting is absolutely secure and does not move at all during use. If there is any motion of the screw within the thread it wears out much more quickly, to the point that I have completely stripped the thread on a few units after about 8 hours of continuous operation when I did not properly secure the mounting.

Regarding recommended mounting torque:

  • The screws should only be hand tightened to a secure fit, overtightening risks stripping the threads
  • The maximum mounting depth for the horn is 3mm. Any deeper than that will damage the servo casing.
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