Slamtec Apollo robot 3d camera

Hello all. I am hoping that someone in the community might be able to help. I work at Transylvania University—we recently purchases a new Apollo robot (A4M41) to replace one that has been damaged in a flood. The new robot came with what I believe is an Orbbec Astra Mini depth camera board, but no instructions on how to put it all together. There’s the bare board, a cover with a sticky back to place over the lenses, and a heat sink. I am more AI than engineering and don’t want to risk damaging the electronics on the board. Slamtec has no instructions for the device. I have reached to Orbbec but thought there’s a chance (?) someone in the community might have the same robot and could offer advice.

I thank you,


Hi @kmoorman

I haven’t had chance to play with Apollo before, but there should be a mating connector(it looks like 5 pin Molex PicoBlade connector) to the Astra Mini sensor.

Oh, I think you need this cable to connect the sensor to your PC or SBC(like Raspberry Pi).