The Fourht Quarter is here, will there be anything this year?

Your not going out of business or anything like that are you?

Hi @Lloyd
I can’t believe that the end of the year is just around the corner already.
For this year, I’ll be focusing to catch up with some belated updates for ROS systems.
I cannot disclose any information about new products, but ROBOTIS does keep working on new products and services! :slight_smile:

I ask because buying for Christmas should start like NOW! Shipping and manufacturing , parts etc, are
at a bad point. That said new offerings need to be release early or there will be no chance of them getting to market at all this year. Just saying. :shushing_face:

Yeah, beginning from the October, it is good time to shop early for the Christmas gifts.
Semiconductor shortages are definitely affecting some of our schedules, but we will manage to get through this.
Only hoping that things get better next year.