Unable to upload arduino sketches due to damaged usb port on OpenCR board

I have an openCR board I am using for a project but unfortunately, the usb port has become damaged to the point I can no longer repair it. Is there another way for me to be able to upload my Arduino sketch into the board?

When I use the Tx/Rx pins, I am able to communicate with my Raspberry Waffle Pi board and the turtlebot3 wheels respond. My major challenge is getting the OpenCR board to receive sketch uploads.

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Unfortunately, you have to repair your controller if it’s really damaged.

There is no alternative port rather than USB to upload code.

  • Does the USB port are detected by your device manager? (In linux, it’s /dev/ttyACM#)

If it’s detected, manually enter bootloader and try again. See Boot Sequence

The usb port is not being detected anymore, i have repaired it personally one too many times.