USB Micro-B cable specification in U2D2

I hope you stay safe and healthy. I’d like to ask one question about the USB Micro-B cable in U2D2 product.

We bought the product a few months ago and we would like to have the longer cable. To have at least as good communication speed as the cable attached in U2D2, I’d like to know the specification of the USB Micro B cable. So, could you tell me the specification of the cable?

Thank you

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Hi @legged_robot_love, thanks for your question!

For USB cables, a useful tip is that you can often identify the generation of USB protocol by checking the plastic on the inside of the USB-A connector side. USB 1.0 generally has white plastic inside the USB-A connector, while USB 2.0 will use black plastic inside the USB connector, and USB 3.0 (and variants) will use blue plastic inside the connector.

Based on that, the USB cable included with the U2D2 is a USB 1.0 cable. This is supported by the fact that USB 1.0 supports up to 12 mbps at full speed. Based on the specifications shared in the ROBOTIS e-Manual for the U2D2, the maximum supported baudrate is listed as 6 mbps which is within the 1.0 spec.