Web-based MOTION Tool

Recently, I stumbled on this web site (https://enjoy.steamcup.org/). It is in Korean, so you’ll need to turn on your web browser translation.

It has a new R-Motion tool that you can try out without logging into steamcup.org.

It is made for young children, so the interface is much streamlined:

  1. Only 7 Key-Frames are allowed for each Motion Unit.
  2. The Right Panel is the List of Motion Units available. Note “Next Action” and “Escape Action”.
  3. Note that the robot can be connected via USB or Bluetooth.
  4. There are “Flipping” and “Mirroring” tools on the Left Panel.
  5. Clicking on the Slider of each Key-Frame will let you access the “timing” of the “move”

  1. Double-clicking on any Joint will let you modify it graphically

Below is a GIF file to see how the Key Frames are animated at run time.


I got a hunch that eventually TASK V.4 will incorporate these features!


I have some good news about this tool that you have discovered! This past week, myself and the rest of the US ROBOTIS team reviewed and approved the English translation of this RMotion tool.

With this translation approval, I am sure that an English version of the site is well on it’s way. While I personally do not know of the expected timeline or release of the translation, it is possible that @willson or @Yogurt_Man may be able to share some updates as the translation nears it’s release.

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Hi, @roboteer

Thank you for your using our web-based motion tool even if it only provides Korean lang service at this time.

I’ve shared your post with our developer, and he was really glad for your use of our web based motion tool application and review it.

We are so willing to translate Kor into English and other various langauses ASAP that our global user can use it without language barrier ! Thank you so much again for your posting !

  • Getting back to you if I have any news for it !