2XL430-W250 zero deviation problem

DYNXAMIXEL model: 2XL430-W250

Phenomenon: There is a zero deviation problem on one axis of the dual axis servo. Is there any calibration operation. Here are a few photos:

1.The zero position of the steering gear is now not aligned with the marking line of the zero position of the steering gear.

2.Using the self diagnosis function in the dynamic wizard,
The actual situation does not match the figure.
3.Select the calibration function of the upper computer, which is not available. I’m not sure if it is not supported.

4.The zero position of the other axis is normal:

According to this post the 2XL-430 has a special problem when doing calibration

Have you tried to adjust directly the Homing Offset (Address 20)? It is in the EEPROM area so Torque Off before you can change it.


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