3.3V and GND permanently shorted on opencr

How to fix opencr short circuit on 3.3V and gnd pin. The MCU very hot when opencr connect with usb

Opencr can’t be used

ROBOTIS does not recommend user repair or service of OpenCR hardware, but if you would like to repair your board yourself the PCB documentation is available on the OpenCR GitHub repository.

If you would like your hardware repaired by ROBOTIS, you can submit an RMA request to your region’s ROBOTIS retailer.

When submitting your items for RMA service please be advised: in the event that the units are not covered under warranty you will be responsible for the cost of shipping + repairs (labor/components) before ROBOTIS may return the RMA units.

To proceed with RMA service fill out the the appropriate form from the list above to open a request with your region’s RMA team. In addition, you may find the troubleshooting self-checklist useful to assist in filling out the RMA request form.

My XL320 servo cannot scan, so i want to recovery my XL320 servo but the servo cannot get into bootloader mode, so i want to download the bootloader to the ic manually with stm flash loader.
Can i get the the bootloader rom, so i can download the bootloader to the ic (STM8S105K4T6C). Thankyou


Unfortunately ROBOTIS does not provide copies of DYNAMIXEL bootloader ROMs to our users. I would recommend submitting your servos to be repaired by ROBOTIS in accordance with our RMA protocol.