6DOF OpenManipulator-X


I would like to build a 6DOF OpenManipulator-X arm system. Are there any instructions on modifying the 5DOF model.

I’m assuming the 6DOF model would be the 5DOF model with an additional Dynamixel motor and an additional frame, the controller and a base plate?

Any advice or recommendations would be greatly appreciated!

There aren’t any available tutorials specifically on modifying the existing OpenMANIPULATOR-X to add an additional joint, as far as I am aware.

Your assumption about a 6DOF OpenMANIPULATOR are correct though, all you would need to do is add an extra XM430-W350-T and some frame pieces to mount it. Although, one important consideration is that adding an additional joint near the manipulation end of the arm will reduce the maximum payload capacity.

You’ll need at least two frames in order to add the extra actuator. One to attach the casing to the previous joint, and one to attach to the horn to the next actuator. The specific frames that you’ll need also depend on the way you want to attach your additional joint.

The plastic linkages are unfortunately not available for sale separately, but the 3D printable files of those as well as all of the other plastic components are available to fabricate your own.