Am I mistaken or is ROS saying it's keys are broken and there sorry about that?

Do we need to re-install or what? Last time I think we had to remove the old keys first?
I am not sure how to proceed.

I have not been playing with ROS for awhile, so I have not tried any of this stuff out…

I am sort of curious though, so Later today I will probably boot up my Linux box and see if I can do the APT…

We will probably need to carefully follow some of the steps in the Ros Discourse you linked to:

And hopefully simple steps to recover. But it still sounded like for some they had to remove/re-add…

Note: My Ubuntu machine the command: sudo apt-get update
failed with bad keys.

I followed the above link and ran the curl scripts and now the apt-get update properly fetches the updated stuff.

YEP, I repaired my Melodic, so the patches work and my Foxy robots updated now also after running the cur scripts

The previous GPG key seems forgotten to be extended.
Luckily, simply updating the key will fix the problem, but now we need to abandon all TurtleBot3 recovery images and redo the work. Yay!!! xD
Please let us know if there’s any difficulties regarding this issue.