Asking for expert insight: ROBOTIS STEM

@roboteer Hello Prof. Thai,

I was taking some time to familiarize myself with how students and educators would use our STEM line of products by implementing my own version of the Line Tracer robot with the IR Sensor array attachment. I have thus far gotten my kit to trace a line and manouver itself in the correct directions.

At this point, the performance is limited mostly by the fact that I am unsure how best to calibrate the sensor array and tune my code to accurately detect the line, as I am still acclimating to the use of R+ Task programming. I thought it best to ask an expert for some tips with this, as well as if you have any other knowlege you might want to share with me to improve my grasp on our edutainment products.

I did a tutorial video way back in 2017 at this web link. It was using MANAGER V.1 though.

These two videos ought to help with the programming aspects too, using TASK V.1:

After these videos, may be you can update them to MANAGER V. 2 and TASK V.3?


These videos are extremely helpful in getting me more acclimated to the TASK program. I think that updating them to using TASK 3.0 is a great idea, and I will be sure to let you know when I start working on the new videos!