Assembled the manipulator with xl430 w250

I set the id of each motor and set the baud rate to 1 mbps. But it’s out of control. Are there any other values that need to be changed? It’s a melodic environment. Now that I follow the manual, the robot arm moves up and down, back and forth, but it does not move in the direction of id11. Also, if you apply it in that direction with rviz, the computer will stop.

Hi @woong

If you can describe each step you followed, it would help us to identify the exact issue.

The OpenMANIPULATOR-X package is written for the XM430 DYNAMIXEL which supports Current based Position Control mode.
In order to replace XM430 to XL430, you will need to modify the source code.

Due to the limited number of joints, the OpenMANIPULATOR-X is limited in its movement when controlled with the Moveit which is developed for more than 6 DOF.

Thank you.