Awesome brain learning!

At the beginning of the school year, we purchased three Robotic Play Pets kits for our three boys ( aged 5, 6.5 and 8). When the kits arrived, all the boys did for the entire week was build, so we were thankful to be able to order them a few more sets with our charter school funding. All 6 sets have been loved this year. They are still played with DAILY nearly a year later! They are always creating new ways to build with Robotics Play! I have been incredibly impressed with the durability of the kits and battery packs as well!
To top off this amazing learning toy, they also provide top notch customer service. We lost a few tires for the wheels and the boys were getting frustrated with them not being able to grip well on the hard floor. I sent ONE email and got a human response back. The next week we opened the box of extra tires for the wheels. AMAZING!


@kkterp Thank you for your wonderful feedback on our Play Pets kits. It’s great to hear how much your family has been enjoying them; and to see them challenge themselves with creativity is very pleasing to our team here at Robotis. Best of luck

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