AX-12A and DYNAMIXEL Wizard2.0

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    I try to connet my OpenCM9.04 with AX-12A, and I use DYNAMIXEL wizard 2.0 to reset the ID. But the software cannot scan the sevo, and I also use the Recovery model of the software, unfortunately, it dones’t work.When I turn off the power and turn on.
    So, I would like to know, How can I setting my AX-12A sevo?

The OpenCM9.04 is not compatible with DYNAMIXEL Wizard.

Our R+ Manager 2.0 Software can be used with the OpenCM9.04, and also supports firmware reset features.

R+Manager2.0 can reset feature of OpenCM9.04, but it dons,t support AX-12A. So,although I have many AX-12A servo motor , I cannot make it run on any platform.

Unfortunately, in this case it seems like you may need to acquire a U2D2 or other serial converter in order to connect your AX-12 servos with DYNAMIXEL Wizard in order to perform a firmware reset.

First, let’s clarify one thing, have you been hooking up your AX-12A directly to the OpenCM-904? That is, you are actually using the OpenCM-904/B (which has DXL connectors for the AX-12A)? If that is the case the procedure to update the firmware on AX-12A with the OpenCM-904/B is complicated, and it involves using older hardware/software that are no longer supported by ROBOTIS, but I made a YouTube video for it a long time ago, if you are interested, please see:

But if you are using the more common OpenCM-904/C which has only DXL connectors for XL-320s, then you will need to get the EXP-485 board in order to use AX-12As:

Do you have the EXP-485 yet? If you do then according to the ROBOTIS Compatibility tables, you should be able to use Manager V.2 to recover Firmware on your AX-12A:

There is a YouTube video also, which @Jonathon already provided in his previous post.

11 months ago, someone had the same issue and got it resolved:

Make sure that you used the right Dynamixel Channel.

Thank you,sir, I askd my friend who is the last motor’s owner.Your right words show that he is right. I can prove need a U2D2 equipment.

Thanks for your explain with patience. Maybe I know how to resetting the ID of AX-12A. I am a layman of that equipment.
Thank you very much. Thumb up!