AX-12A bricked after changing baudrate

Hi Folks,

I just bought a new dynamixel ax-12a with dynamixel shield for arduino,
It was working well (ping, led, moving the actuator) until I tried to change the baudrate from 1Mbps to 57600 using example program from Robotis (Dynamixel2Arduino),
Now it’s not working , even just a simple “ping” program,

Any suggestion?

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By any chance, you should’ve changed the baudrates of DYNAMIXEL as well, not just change the code line. The bps at the comm bus should be the same.

Sol: Use baudrate.ino from DynamixelShield library, and change the baudrate of DYNAMIXEL.

Thank you for your reply, but.
I did change the baudrate using the baudrate.ino and thats the cause why I can not scan my dxl.
The bps at the com bus also matched.

Throw me your example code.

Just got my u2d2 today and firmware recovered, everything back to normal. Thanks

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Good to know the issue is resolved.

For your future reference, be aware that Firmware Recovery will return your DYNAMIXEL state to its factory configuration including Baudrates and IDs. The common mistake the users are not aware of, they are missing the Baudrates and ID that should be set as it should be before which will cause the unmatched bps and overlapping IDs and this eventually make comm error.

Hope you enjoy your project and please share your project and related experience in this community like me as the community user.