Battery issue with STEM kit

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I’m experiencing power-related glitches in my STEM kit, which runs on Energizer AA batteries. The problem occurs when programming consecutive opposite motor motions, but a pause or power cycle fixes it temporarily. Interestingly, rechargeable batteries (8-8.5v) have this issue, while regular ones (9.5v) don’t. I’m considering higher voltage solutions like 11.1v batteries or an extra input power board to increase voltage. Could you please provide information on available options to address these power-related problems?

Thank you.

Additionally, I kindly request your analysis and assistance based on the video clips and image files I have provided for reference.

Thank you for your support.

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The LB-010 battery is the recommended rechargeable battery choice for the STEM kit. The 11.1v provided by the battery should be more than enough to prevent this from occurring in the future.

I tried the penguin program from the stem 2 kit, and it failed to work. It resets every time I press start button to run the different motions (this time I used the 12v input using a power adapter).
So I made a sample to test out the issue, as presented in the following video (only two motors work at a time, using 12v power adapter as well):

When I use normal batteries, motors don’t turn at all (even with standard non-rechargeable energizer batteries).