Battery supply for an embedded system using dynamixel shield

Hello, i am planning to use an XM540-W270 and an XM430-W350 in order to build an embedded system using either a dynamixel shield or dynamixel shield mkr.

As i’m quite new to robotics i was wondering if i need an independent power source for my arduino if i power the shield by its power input connector or if the shield is able to power the arduino which would make a second battery redundant. My guess is that i would need to use a second battery since disconnecting the power jumper would separate the circuits, but i’m not quite sure.
Am i right in my assumptions?
I’m looking forward to any help :slight_smile:

You are right about reqiring a second power source for the Arduino if you intend to use the terminal block inputs from either of the shields in order to avoid supplying too high a voltage to the Arduino.

If you want to avoid the need for an additional power source the OpenCM plus the Expansion Board allows both the microcontroller and the servos to be powered from the same external source and support the Arduino IDE.