Bioloid GP it turns off

I have 6 bioloid GP robots with the CM_530 controller.
Two of these robots do not work properly have the problem that when connecting to the remote control and using some of the commands the robot restarts, the commands that happen these are the following (1+D ; 3+L ; 3+R). this does not always happen but it is often
I made the switch between motors and controllers with other robots and I have the same failure.
could you help me

This kind of problem is very hard to troubleshoot via a Forum and in a text format. My first suggestion is to leave the robot flat on its back on a table top first. Turn it on and go through your previous use scenarios, does the CM-530 still turn itself off when you do the RC commands (1+D, 3+L, 3+R) any more? All the servos seemed to be working OK for you? Sometimes old 3P cables go bad or their connectors get loose during movements.

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I used new wires and on the other hand the connectors are not disconnected.
connecting the servos individually to the CM-530 they work properly
I think that one of the motors has an excessive current consumption when the whole robot is connected.
I want to try in the application DYNAMIXEL Wizard 2.0 but the application does not allow me to connect to the CM-530 recognizes the port I make the Scam but does not connect

The CM-530 is very old. You have to use the older Software suite called Roboplus It has Dynamixel Wizard 1

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I downloaded the Dynamixel Wizard 1 software, it recognizes the port but does not recognize the servos.
perform the basic search

perform the total search

only gives me that result when the total search is performed but none of these belongs to the CM-530 or servos.

Which kind of actuators are you using with the CM-530? AX-12 and AX-18?
I hope that you are not using XM430 right?

It looks like that the firmware on the CM-530 may be messed up too. See this link to recover its firmware

Also have a look at this video to recover firmware on AX-12/AX-18 if needed. Do you have USB2DYNAMIXEL or LN-101 modules?

I am using AX-12 and AX-18 is the Bioloid GP robot and I also did all the steps you mentioned.
I have already updated the CM-530
It recognizes the port and also connects to the Robo Plus Manager and Robo Plus Motion software and it recognizes the servos.
the problem is in the Dynamixel Wizard software that connects but does not recognize the CM-530 controller and does not recognize the servos to recover the firmware in AX-12 / AX-18

Dynamixel Wizard 1 uses the USB2Dynamixel USB dongle which is no longer sold by ROBOTIS. And it sounds like that you do not have one yourself.

Do you have U2D2?

U2D2 comes with a Convertible 3P TTL cable that allows you to connect the AX-12/18 (Molex) to the U2D2 (JST), then you should be able to use Dynamixel Wizard 2 to update firmware on the AX-12/18. You can just use the CM-530 to power the AX-12/18 and U2D2 + Dynamixel Wizard 2 are the ones controlling the AX-12/18.


Would you please try Roboplus Manager 1.0?
You can check Dynamixels connected to CM-530 using this SW.