Bluetooth is not connecting with my Robotis Mini

I managed to find the robot on Bluetooth and pair with it, but i can’t connect it. Do any of you have suggestions for what i can do to fix this?

It would be helpful if you can give more details about the hardware you use. Which BT module being used? Windows OS 11?

May be it is the same issue as mine in Windows 11?

i’m not sure what this has to do with Windows 11, but the WCM i have is “BT-210”.

Which OS are you using with the BT-210? BT-210 does not work with iOS devices.

BT-210 works well with Android devices.

BT-210 works good on Windows 11 only with the Advanced Search setting as shown in the previously mentioned post. On Windows 11, If you go to


Do you see the PAIRED BT-210s at all? Such as shown below?


I am using an Android to pair with the Bluetooth; it can pair but it won’t connect.

Now we are getting somewhere. Do you use ROBOTIS App MINI?

And you have followed all the instructions here

But nothing works for you at all? In the past if my LiPo batteries were low, I got poor connections too.

Or are you developing your own Android Code?

I am using the robotis mini app, and i did everything the manual (the one that came with the robot) said.

I just installed the MINI App on a Samsung S6 Lite with the 1/24/2024 Android OS update, and I got the App to run OK, but with some difficulty because the Android OS is not responding “exactly” as before (as shown in the manual or on the web page).

First, I got my BT-210 paired OK (83 for me).


Next, I went to the MINI app SETTINGS, I got it set to SERVER:


Then I had difficulty to see the BT CONNECT screen as shown below (did you ever get to this step?)


I had to “BACKSPACE” several times out on the OS main tool bar in order to see the previous BT CONNECT screen.


Then if I tapped on my paired BT-210, I could see that the App is connecting to my BT-210, then I could see my RUN/EDIT screen


Then everything worked fine for me. So hopefully all this will help your progress.

Thanks! Now i just have a couple other problems to solve…

Great that you are making progress!

I don’t know now much you want to get out of using the MINI, but if you need a more comprehensive programming guide, you can check out this free Kindle sample to see if you need such a book.

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