Cable to connect XL430 to OpenCM 9.04 C-Type

Hi, in order to build a less hardware intense version of my XL430-based azimuth thruster I just try to connect the XL430-W250-T to my C-Type OpenCM 9.04 board.

I have a a small collection of cables, put nothing that fits.

The eManual is quite elaborate on the connector types, but a direct lead to the right cable (incl. ROBOTIS part number) woud be helpfull.

Thanks in advance for your replies…


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Assuming that you also use a 485-EXP board (OpenCM 485 Expansion Board - ROBOTIS) to power the XL430 servo, then you also need this “convertible” cable (Robot Cable-X3P 180mm (Convertible) (10pcs) - ROBOTIS).



#1. If you are using OpenCM 9.04 standalone without extension board, you have to make your own custom cable.

As the X series uses JST connector types, you might need either to make a Molex to JST convertible cable on your own or to buy Robot Cable-XL320 (Convertible) 130mm (recommended). Feel free to see the connector information from e-Manual for your reference.

#2. If you have an extension board (OpenCM485 EXT), highly recommend to get Robot Cable-X3P (Convertible) 180mm provided by ROBOTIS e-Shop (Note that it is using different molex type in size compared to the one above.)

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@Yogurt_Man @Andrew
Thank you very much for the information regarding the XL320 Convertible Cable. Surprisingly, ROBOTIS-USA does not carry this item, I’ll drop them a note!



Oh… I see,

Thank you for your report. I’ve already contacted people in charge to add the convertible cable between XL-320 and X (TTL).

Thanks again,

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@Yogurt_Man @roboteer
Question: Is there a drawback when not using the OpenCM 485? Since there is a considerable amount of soldering involved, I would like to avoid this…

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You do not have to go with OpenCM 485 board. It is designed to extend more DYNAMIXEL ports and support 24V voltage units such as DYNAMIXEL-P series or DYNAMIXEL-X with V model.

  • OpenCM9.04 only pass up to 5 - 16 input voltages

For your information, Robot Cable-X3P (Convertible) 180mm would not have you do a soldering task if used.

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…would not have you do a soldering task if used.

I was referring to the I/O Header strips one has to solder to the OpenCM 9.04 in order to connect it to the EXP485… :wink:

According to this Robotis e-manual link (OpenCM 9.04), the minimum soldering work can be done with/for the Power connection/cable (which must be custom made), then you can buy/use the XL-320 Convertible Cable (Robot Cable-XL320 (Convertible) 130mm 10pcs > Others | ROBOTIS) to link your XL430 directly to the OpenCM-904/C bus. They show an example power circuit for the AX12 but it should work for the XL430 in the same way, as both need 11-12 V for power.

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Thanks all for you help, I issued an order for the cables. Really appreciate your help…!

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Thank you for detailed clarification,