Can I reset a servo that was set to a higher baud rate than my hardware supports?



Issue Description

I was very stupid. In an attempt to optimize cycle times, I have set my Dynamixels to a baud rate of 3Mbaud, but apparently my communication hardware only supports up to 2Mbaud (it’s an Arduino Mkr Wifi 1010 with Dynamixel shield). I have an U2D2 on order, but until that arrives, is there any way to reset the Dynamixels to factory state without it?

Unfortunately, this is pretty much the only misconfiguration that can’t be easily reset with your current hardware.

It might still be worth it to try modifying the baud rate change example program and testing your luck, but waiting for the U2D2 is the simplest solution.

how about trying to use the firmware recovery function of Wizard2.0?