Can read, but cannot write via read_write_node



Issue Description

I am trying ros2 run dynamixel_sdk_examples read_write_node.
Read command seems to work fine, but write command gets error message,

[RxPacketError] Hardware error occurred. Check the error at Control Table (Hardware Error Status)!

Additional Information/Attachments

Screenshot from 2023-09-01 17-43-50

The video attached to your issue shows that you are exceeding the operating voltage of your DYNAMXIEL servo, resulting in an overvoltage error.

Your XL330-M288 servo has a 6v operating voltage maximum.


Hi! See that VOLT Error Indicator on your Wizard 2.0

Could you please help me on this? ROS2 (Humble) + Dynamixel Error

@Jonathon @th1991-01

I also asked on ROBOTIS Github but I haven’t gotten any reply yet.

Following your advice and correcting the over voltage issue, my motor works fine.
Thank you so much!