Can the common usb to serial (rs232 db9) replace the usb2dynamixel?

Hello, I want to manage and program my CM5 controller but I have lost my usb2dynamixel, is it possible for me to use a common usb to serial (rs232 db9) to replace the usb2dynamixel? if possible, is there any additional configuration?

If you just want to program the CM-5 only then it is OK. But if you want to use the Zig2Serial module also then make sure that Pin 9 does carry USB 5V. On most common USB to serial converter Pin 9 is not connected to anything.

In addition to roboteer’s point, DYNAMIXEL servos also require half-duplex serial communications for proper operation. If your converter is already capable of half-duplex then that’s great, otherwise you’ll need to add a half-duplex converter.